Naperville Liquor Commission Votes ‘No’ to Pedal Pub Alcohol

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A Pedal Pub could be coming to Naperville, but after the Naperville Liquor Commission voted against allowing BYOB on the vehicle, it won’t be much of a pub.

Monica Bennett came before the commission to request a bring-your-own-booze permit for her planned Pedal Pub.

She envisions the 15-person bicycle traveling from bar to bar on two-hour bookings, while patrons drink BYOB beverages on board.

The commission unanimously opposed the idea, saying the system could lead to riders drinking too much in a short time.

“To do this over two hours seems like the consumption potential there is going to be pretty high,” Commissioner Chuck Maher said.

“I completely understand,” Bennet said. “These people just want the best for their community, and I have to abide by their decision. I intend to be a very good partner for the city.”

Bennett plans to operate O’Brien’s Pedal Pub without alcohol for several months before coming back to present her request again.

She is hoping to open the Pedal Pub by St. Patrick’s Day.

Bennett said she can only move forward if the other investors are willing to continue without alcohol.

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria reports.