Naperville Lowers Liquor License Cost for Salons

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Naperville will soon offer two additional liquor licenses for salons who want to offer wine or beer to their clients.

More Licenses and Lowered Cost

Naperville City Council voted to add two more liquor licenses for salons wishing to serve wine or beer, raising the total allowed from three to five. What’s more, they dropped the price of the license from $2,200 annually to $500.

The move was made in the hopes of making more salons compliant with the liquor laws, and making the licenses more affordable to smaller salons.

Sullivan Weighs In

Initially the proposed price was $250, which Councilwoman Theresa Sullivan thought was too low when taking the price of salon services into account.

“I won’t speak for all women but I’ll speak for myself. Generally, just when you walk in there and get a cut and color and walk out – that’s about $250,” said Sullivan. “I mean that’s one client one day of the entire year.”

Sullivan said at that price, many salons in town would want the license, which would then lead to a larger discussion of whether to raise the number allotted even higher.

Council voted unanimously to set the price at $500 and allow two more licenses for lifestyle amenities facilities.

Naperville News 17’s Kim Pirc reports.


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