Naperville Man’s 3D Prints Lends a Helping Hand

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From the outside, Powers Construction Group looks like a regular business building, but take one step inside and it’s anything but.

What Is Powers Printing?

Greeting you is an unusual cast of heads from the Terminator, to C-3PO, and even some dinosaurs. Though different in every sense, all heads have one thing in common, they’re 3D printed by Michael Powers.

“Probably about three to four years ago I got into it only because I like technology,” explained Powers. “These are all open source, someone already created it, and I’ve modified it, that’s all. And it turned out quite well.”

Powers’ curiosity led him to buy a second 3D printer, which allowed him to create more than just heads.

Naperville Man’s 3D Prints Gives a Helping Hand

“Hands for children who have no hands,” said Powers showing a prosthetic hand, “It’s a strap system. It straps on and as they bend this downward this closes. This is $40; a prosthetics that’s more electronic is $40,000. So it’s a couple dollars cheaper.”

Powers hopes to keep learning more about 3D prosthetics so he can volunteer with e-NABLE, who specializes in low-cost prosthetics.

Littered throughout the office are an abundance of 3D printed objects from robots to larger scale dinosaurs.

What’s His Latest 3D Creation?

Most of Powers 3D prints come out of a small room in his office, where he’s crafting his latest creation, the InMoov robot.

“There’s about 400 pieces to this robot,” said Powers. “The person who designed this robot says ‘as long as you have a print bed no smaller than five inches by five inches you can print this entire robot.’”

Though there’s no estimate on when the robot will be complete, Powers can work around the clock with the help of live cameras and smart controls.

“I’m the type of person that says ‘don’t tell me what can’t be done nothing is impossible’,” said Powers. “A lot of people are afraid, I’m not afraid.”

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.

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