Naperville Municipal Band Set to Sound Off in 2021

municipal band
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For the first time since August of 2019, the Naperville Municipal Band is set to host its Summer Concert Series.

Municipal Band Theme Nights

The 11-week concert series starts June 10 at 7:30 p.m. and runs every Thursday, with theme nights set for at least the first four concerts. The first will be, appropriately, “Strike Up the Band”, followed by “Anniversaries and Memories.” The third show will be a jazz concert. The fourth concert on July 1 will be the annual patriotic theme, complete with the 1812 Overture and cannons.

Band Director Ron Keller said these first concerts will likely be shorter, roughly an hour, to allow musicians to build their skills back after not practicing for almost two years. Rehearsals start May 3.

The final concert of the season, on August 19, will be a joint concert between the municipal band and the jazz band.

Memorial Day Music

But music fans will get the chance to see the municipal band prior to its first concert. On Memorial Day, the band is planning a short parade down Jackson Street before playing at the Dandelion Fountain and Shanower Memorial. Veterans accompanying the band will then visit other monuments around town while the municipal band returns to the band shell where they will play until noon.

COVID Safety Protocol

As far as COVID-19 safety precautions go, Keller said the group plans to follow the latest health and safety guidance. He said he was encouraged yesterday by the news that fully-vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks while in small groups outdoors. The CDC still recommends fully-vaccinated people wear masks at large gatherings like concerts and sporting events.

Keller also said the audience benches will be more spaced out. Some band members own special masks that allow them to play while wearing it. He said about 75-80% of the band members are ready to come back, though a few are still taking precautions.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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