Naperville named third-best city in U.S. for single dads to live

City of Naperville sign in downtown Naperville
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Naperville was named the third-best city in the country for single dads to live in, according to a recent ranking by LawnStarter.

Top marks in three categories

The listing, which compared 200 of the biggest cities across the U.S., gave Naperville top marks in three of the six categories it ranked: affordability, child care, and home and outdoors. For health and education, it landed at 11 and for community support, at 20. Its lowest ranking came for work-life balance, coming in at 76.

Strong rankings for schools, babysitting rate

Within each category, several metrics were considered, with different weights assigned to each factor. Among those 35 different metrics, Naperville was noted for its high-quality public schools. It was also second for the lowest hourly babysitting rate, with income adjustment between cities taken into account.

Best city in the country for single dads

Topping LawnStarter’s list as best city in the country for single dads to live in was Bellevue, Washington, which earned an overall score of 64.56.

Coming in second was Irvine, California at 60.90. Naperville wasn’t far behind at third, with an overall score of 60.02.

Rounding out the top five were Fremont, California at fourth, with Sunnyvale California at fifth.

On the other end of the spectrum, the city with the lowest ranking in the report was Brownsville, Texas, which had an overall score of 26.11.

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