Naperville Neighbors United Hosts Multicultural Day

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Multicultural Day

Naperville Neighbors United hosted its first annual Multicultural Day today at Rotary Hill in Downtown Naperville. The new event was meant to celebrate the different demographics in Naperville including Asian, Latin, and African American.

“This is all about our opportunity to really celebrate the great diversity we have in the community,” said Councilman Benny White who started Naperville Neighbors United. “Also to kind of just bring people together and talk about inclusion. And it’s just going to be an awesome time.”

To do that, the event featured dances, singing, and speakers. Speakers included Judge Vincent Cornelius, who is the first African American to be elected as a circuit judge in Will County and Regina Brent.

Diversity and Inclusion

“A couple of years ago we actually updated our city’s mission statement to where it now says a city that values diversity and inclusion, that’s actually part of our mission statement,” said White. “So it’s not just words. This gives us an opportunity to do things around that.

“As great as we know Naperville is, we also have these other things that maybe people don’t even realize so hopefully when they leave they’ll get a good appreciation for that.”

The event is free and will go on until 4 p.m. White said they hope to make Multicultural Day an annual event.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.