Naperville North Hosts Color Guard Regional

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Naperville North hosted Winter Guard International’s Chicago Regional on Saturday.

Fifty color guards from across the Midwest performed, including Naperville North, Naperville Central, and the Naperville-based Steperette Cadets.

Color guard uses dance, flags, rifles, and other props to express a story or theme over pre-recorded music.

“I am so proud of them,” Naperville North Head Coach Anne Turner said. “It was a wonderful performance. They caught so many of their tosses solidly. They emoted to the audience and the audience got really engaged so overall it was a great run.”

Naperville North Captain Maddie McCauley said the regional competition is a chance to bring together teams from all over to compete in a sport they all share.

“I feel like you learn a lot,” McCauley said. “Not just about the sport of color guard but about yourself and about others and interacting between others and building a bond that will potentially last forever.”

All three Naperville color guards advanced through the preliminary round into the finals, which will conclude late Saturday night.

Reporting for Naperville News 17, I’m Casey Krajewski.