Naperville North Student Wins Award

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National Award

One Naperville North High School student has already taken a big step into his future filmmaking career.

Noah Semeria won the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Student Production Award.

“I was confident in my submission, but it was a national competition so it was pretty amazing to hear my name,” said Semeria.

The high school senior received the Emmy in the cinematography category on November 1 for his 3-minute film, Discoveries: Awakening.

“The message of my film was, life is full of moments, both big and small that we can all awaken to and experience fully. Because I think as we go through life we tend to forget some of the beauty that’s just in our everyday life and that’s kind of what I tried to convey through my film,” said Semeria.

Discoveries: Awakening

He does that throughout the film when he slows some moments down and speeds others up to show the motion of life.

The clips are a collection of other work he’s done and footage from trips he’s taken.

“So all the footage was created for different purposes. And then at the end of the year I was thinking that I have all this footage I can basically make a film out of it because I wanted to reflect on what I learned as an individual that year and that’s how I wanted to share that realization,” said Semeria.

Telling Stories

He hopes this award will launch a bigger film career for him so he can continue to tell stories.

“My main motivation has always been emotion and how I can tell that story through emotion and influence whoever my audience is in a positive way,” said Semeria

Helping people make discoveries, one moment at a time.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.