Naperville North’s New Bike Program

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Naperville North’s John Fiore wanted to bring a bike program to the high school. With the help of Specialized Foundation, whose Riding For Focus program aims to have a positive affect on a student’s life, Fiore’s dream came to fruition.

The idea of the cycling program came about through a discussion between Fiore and Naperville Parks Foundation President Troy Cooper.

“I explained that my wife and I own Naperville Kayak and we started talking about kayaking and bikes. John said how he’s always dreamed about having a bike program at the high school, and I said ‘I’m the President of Naperville Parks Foundation, let’s figure out how to do it’,” said Cooper.

How Much Money was Raised?

The foundation raised the majority of the $29,000 needed to start the program, and through collaborative efforts with private businesses like Jewel-Osco, John Greene Relator, and Spokes, forty 24-speed mountain bikes were assembled.

Currently, over 120 schools throughout the United States and parts of Canada are supported by the Specialized Foundation. Naperville North will be the first high school in their Riding For Focus program.

What’s The Goal of The Bike Program?

Fiore hopes the bikes can positively affect a student’s life while also encouraging a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

“If this can take some kids from never riding a bike to riding one, and some kids to think about maybe I shouldn’t drive my car, maybe I should ride my bike, then we’ll have done our job,” said Fiore.

Naperville North will start implementing cycling as part of PE classes next fall.

Naperville News 17’s Ryan Skryd and Christian Canizal report.

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