Naperville Park District hosts 2023 Flashlight Egg Hunt

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The Naperville Park District kicked off the Easter weekend with a Flashlight Egg Hunt at Knoch Knolls Park on Thursday night.

What is the Flashlight Egg Hunt?

“Today’s the Flashlight Egg Hunt,” said Park District Volunteer and Events Manager Becca Krzyszkowski. “It’s for our older middle schoolers and junior high kids. They come out with flashlights and we hide eggs, and they essentially go searching for them in the dark. It’s really cool because they have to use flashlights. It’s a lot of fun.”

The 160 kids registered for the hunt were split into two groups of 80 each.

A mystery inside each egg

Kids needed to move fast in the park, as each egg contained a fun prize.

“Within each of the eggs are different prizes, whether it’s candy, a toy or a slip of paper, which is a special prize that they come up to the Nature Center to redeem,” said Krzyszkowski.

A special guessing game was available at the Nature Center along with the prizes on hand.

“So they take a look at the jars of the different candies out there,” said Krzyszkowski. “They guess how many are in each jar and they submit it online. Tomorrow, we’ll call the winners to come and collect their prize and get the actual jar of candy.”

This was Krzyszkowski’s first year running the Flashlight Egg Hunt, and she loved to see the enthusiasm for the event.

“It’s a lot of fun to see them engage in the park, and still get excited at that older age for Easter,” said Krzyszkowski. “To do an Easter egg hunt is really neat.

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