Naperville Park District Seeks Public Input on Park and Facility Improvement Projects

Naperville Park District
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The Naperville Park District is seeking public input on park and facility improvements as part of its annual capital budget process for fiscal year 2022. Feedback will be sought and is encouraged through Aug. 11, after which point comments and questions submitted will be reviewed and considered as projects are designed.

Proposed Projects Identified

More than a dozen items make up the list of proposed park and facility improvements the park district is eying. Among the projects to be considered are pond dredging and shoreline restoration at Brooks Crossing, playground renovation at Frontier Sports Complex and a park meadow restoration at Arrowhead Park.

Eric Shutes, the park district’s director of planning, said most of the projects deal with infrastructure and utility replacement.

Community Input Needed

A virtual open house format, originally adopted last year, provides residents the opportunity to review project materials and submit feedback again as schedules allow.

The current public comment period ends Aug. 11.

“We have received quite a bit of input from residents,” Shutes said.

Feedback on park and facility improvement projects can be submitted on the park district’s website. Officials intend to follow up with residents who provide input on capital projects.

The park board will put the proposed park and facility improvements to a vote at a later date.

Proposed Project Costs Discussed

The price tag for the proposed projects won’t be known until officials get to the phase in which the design work is completed, officials said.

Shutes said the improvements, once agreed upon, will be paid for using the park district’s operating and capital fund.

The park district’s annual budget is expected to be given consideration in the fall.

Naperville News 17’s Megann Horstead reports.

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