Naperville PD Begins July 4 Drunk Driving Crackdown

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The Naperville Police Department announced Friday, June 18 that they are launching their “Independence Day Campaign for Safe and Sober Driving.” The campaign amounts to a crackdown on dangerous driving behavior, especially drunk driving. The campaign begins this weekend and runs through the weekend of July 4.

“Remember, if you’re going to drink or use other impairing substances, don’t drive. We will be stepping up patrols to keep impaired drivers off the roads and ensure everyone makes it home safely from their celebrations,” Naperville Police Sergeant Rick Krakow said in a Friday news release.

Dangerous Weekends

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, Independence Day weekend is one of the most dangerous driving times in Illinois during the calendar year. The Naperville Police said their crackdown was part of a larger, state-wide effort to lessen this danger.

“The Naperville Police Department will join the Illinois State Police and more than 200 local police and sheriff’s departments for the increased statewide enforcement effort,” the Friday announcement said.

Safe and Sober

The Naperville Police wish to remind all residents to use a designated driver, taxi service, or public transit if they plan on using intoxicants. Those that fail to do so, and are caught driving while intoxicated, face steep penalties. A first offense DUI conviction in Illinois is punishable by up to a year of jail time, a year of license revocation, and $2,500 in fines. Second and third offenses potentially carry multi-year sentences, up to $25,000 in fines, and the possibility of losing your driver’s license for a decade.

These penalties can be compounded in the event that a person is injured or killed in an intoxicated driving incident.

The Naperville Police said in their release that they wish for residents to avoid these penalties. They also hope they avoid the life-and-death consequences that can result from any impaired driving incident.

“We want all our residents and visitors to have an enjoyable and safe holiday,” Krakow said.

Naperville News 17’s Dave Byrnes reports.

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