Naperville Police Department’s Caring Hands Bracelets

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Caring Hands Program

The Naperville Police Department has a new addition to its Caring Hands Program. The program allows residents to voluntarily provide information about themselves or loved ones who may require special assistance during an emergency or non-emergency situation.

“It could be a medical issue, it could be special needs, it could be mental health issues, or anything else they want to share with us that in an emergency or non-emergency situation where people could come in contact with police or fire department that we would have a positive outcome because we have information or knowledge before we even meet them,” said Jim Pacetti, crime prevention specialist at the Naperville Police Department.

Caring Hands Bracelets

Last month, the department introduced the Caring Hands bracelets to the program. The bracelets have a 24-hour number to Naperville’s emergency dispatch center and a unique four-digit identification number. Even if they encounter a first responder from another town, Naperville police can help.

“Our dispatch can look up that number immediately and work with that local fire or police department as far as finding out who that person is, if there’s medical issues they can advise them right away, and then also with getting them back with their families,” said Pacetti.

The bracelets come in different colors and sizes and are available for kids as well. The police department has issued around 35 so far. Residents need to be enrolled in the Caring Hands program to get a bracelet. An online sign up form can be found on the Naperville Police Department website.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.