Naperville Police Department’s Chat with the Chief

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The Naperville Police Department held its first ‘Chat with the Chief’ event of 2023, on Tuesday, Jan. 24 at Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea in downtown Naperville. 

Naperville residents got the chance to have casual conversations with Chief Arres and other officers.

“It’s a great opportunity to promote the relationships that we have and partner with the community and the police department, said Deputy Chief of Patrol, Robert Lee. “It’s basically an informal way that we have an opportunity to talk to the citizens, the community, and some of it’s also educational and training. But it’s a way for them to talk to us and maybe talk to us about some of the questions or concerns they may have with the community.”

As usual, the most common topics were traffic-related speeding complaints.

While citizens met with local officers, they enjoyed complimentary coffee from Sweetwaters. Though Deputy Chief Lee doesn’t play favorites when it comes to getting his coffee, he does enjoy the variety the department provides when choosing locations for the chats

“No, no favorite coffee shops,” said Deputy Chief Lee. “But I really like the opportunity that we provide to the community that we do it strategically throughout the community, not just one location. We do it at the north, central, or south parts of Naperville.”

The NPD likes to have a ‘Chat with the Chief’ event at least four times a year. Those interested can keep an eye out on the NPD website for notification of the next one.

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