Naperville Police Give Safety Tips for College

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Around 50 soon to be college freshman and their parents gathered at the police department to learn of the dangers present on college campuses and how to combat them.

Crime Prevention Specialist Mary Browning and Police Sergeant Tim Ogan discussed the false sense of security that can lead to danger on campus.

“There’s a lot of people on campus that don’t necessarily belong there. So even if you live in a dorm and you know the people that live there are safe, there might be people that walk into that dorm that don’t even belong on campus that are from the community at large,” said Browning.

The class also discussed the consequences that could follow a poor decision, such as financial setbacks, jail, and a destroyed reputation.

“You have to take ownership, take ownership for your choices, and make good decisions and just think: ‘what I’m doing right now, if my parents were standing right there, would they be happy with what I’m doing or would they be disappointed in me,’ and kind of judge it by that,” added Browning.

One example of a consequence had by poor decisions- police say your license can be suspended for one year if you’re caught with a fake ID.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.