Naperville Police Give Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

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After all your online shopping is done, sometimes thieves go shopping too.

According to a survey by, about eight percent of Americans say they have had packages stolen from their home.

But Naperville police have some tips to help you prevent package theft.

“If you’re not able to get your package, notify a friend or a close neighbor. Maybe they can come by and take your package for you and deliver it to you at a later time or possibly have that package delivered to a friend or neighbor who you know is home in the daytime,” said Julie Smith, a crime prevention specialist with the Naperville Police Department.

But if you do have a package delivered to your door, Smith says make sure you keep track of arrival and take it inside as soon as possible.

Your car can be a target as well. After more than 30 car burglaries and three cars stolen recently in Naperville, police say keep safety in mind when you’re out shopping at the stores.

“Please remember to lock up your vehicle,” Smith said. “It is very, very important. Also, you want to remember to park at nighttime in well-lit highly traveled areas, so you’re not isolated.”

And when you’re shopping make sure not to be too loaded down with bags or presents so you can use your arms to defend yourself if someone approaches you.

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria reports.