Naperville Police Respond to Two Protests on Friday

Naperville Police
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Naperville Police Respond to Protests

The Naperville Police Department responded to two protests in Naperville on June 5.

Route 59 and 95th Street

The first was at Route 59 and 95th Street with 30-40 people. Protestors gathered and walked east along 95th Street to Book Road with the NPD ensuring their safety on city streets. The protest ended peacefully with no issues.

Downtown Naperville

The second protest was in Downtown Naperville, beginning at Centennial Beach. Around 200 protestors walked east along Jackson Street and continued their march to Chicago Avenue and Washington Street with officers ensuring the safety of the group on downtown streets.

The march was peaceful but the NPD had received reliable information that some members of the group were thinking of committing criminal acts.

“Police lines were established to help with crowd control and allow for the protestors to continue their rally safely, as they had left the sidewalks and continued to walk in the middle of the roadway,” said a NPD press release. “As some of the members of the protest group began to actively engage police officers and state their intent to break through the police lines, a lawful order to disperse was given by police command.”

When the majority of the protestors dispersed, around 30 people continued to engage police and made it clear they weren’t going to comply with the order to leave. When police asked a second time, the group complied.

The NCTV17 News Crew were there to cover the protest.

Two Arrests

The NPD said they made two arrests for criminal defacement to public property.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.