Naperville Public Library Grows A New Program

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Community members gathered at the 95th Street Public Library in Naperville to learn how to grow a new hobby.

The group watched “Growing Cities”, a film about the different methods and struggles of urban farmers. Viewers were encouraged to grow their own food, like the vendors just outside the library at the 95th Street Farmers Market.

“Some of our viewers who came today really expressed that desire and excitement to get out in the community and to engage in gardening and farming in Naperville,” said Adult Services Librarian Jen Ripka. “We’re not too far from some pretty major cornfields, but also it’s just really great and rewarding to grow things in your own home garden.”

There was a group discussion after the film, with some saying they were inspired to start their own vegetable garden.

“I’m thinking tomatoes, carrots, squash, arugula, but I’m told the best thing to do is to start with herbs, so that’s what I’ll start with,” said attendee Sophie Bartelt.

For more events like this or others check out the Naperville public library’s website for more information.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal and Madeleine O’Connell report.