Naperville Reaches out to Caterpillar to set Headquarters in Town

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At the most recent City Council meeting, Mayor Chirico made it clear that the city would be open to doing business with the international construction company who recently announced they’d be moving their headquarters.

“We just want them to know that we are open for business, and you know they’re in the Earth moving business and we say around here that ‘Naperville we move heavens,’ so together we can move heaven and Earth,” explained Steve Chirico, Mayor of Naperville.

Caterpillar is looking to move from Peoria to the Chicago-land area and bring roughly 300 administration jobs in the process.

The city says they’ll be reaching out to Caterpillar letting them know of our area’s amenities.

Also discussed at the meeting was the sale of land from North Central College to the city.

Council unanimously voted to purchase land located next to the Central Parking Facility in Downtown Naperville to possibly expand the site in the future.

However, most council members weren’t on board with the use of the property.

“I do not consider this a first step toward redoing, rebuilding or anything to do with the Central Parking Facility. I think this is good land acquisition and if it ever comes back again I want the record to reflect that I don’t support where it’s going,” said Councilwoman Rebecca Boyd-Obarski.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.