Naperville Ribfest 2017 Has Begun

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Naperville Ribfest 2017 is finally here and you definitely won’t leave feeling hungry.

Celebrating 30 years, Ribfest features 12 “Ribbers” from Illinois, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, and Virginia.

People are coming from far and wide for the fun of the festival and of course the ribs.

“I like that it’s not busy right now so we don’t have to wait in line too long and the weather is pretty nice. Not too sunny, hasn’t started raining yet,” said Jenny Sandberg, a six-year Ribfest fan from Iowa.

“They’re great! They’re always great,” added Sandberg talking about the ribs.

And the great ribs are all for a great cause.

“It is a fundraiser. It’s a party with a purpose and that’s our biggest message is that’s what we’re really doing – to raise money for child abuse and domestic violence. But please come out, it’s a great time,” said Erin o’Donnell, the marketing and PR director for Ribfest.

The holiday weekend entertainment continues with the B-52s, Collective Soul, and The Wallflowers on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evening. And 40 vendors will keep everyone full to enjoy it all until Monday.

A new addition to this year, a Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest qualifying round on Saturday, and an all weekend long dodge ram truck experience where you can ride some extreme angles.

Ribfest has begun, so don’t miss out on the summer staple summer here in Naperville.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.