Naperville Salute’s second annual Ruck March honoring those who serve

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“Today we’re at the Naperville Salute’s Ruck March. It’s our second annual event. We’re super excited to put this together again this year,” said Rebecca Willey, Ruck March organizer. 

About the march 

The march started at the Naperville Grand Pavilion and finished on top of Rotary Hill. 

“The Ruck March is a little under five miles, and it’s where a civilian or a military member puts a rucksack on their back. Most of the time it’s weighted to about 50 pounds and they march for a predetermined amount of time,” said Willey. 

Second annual Ruck March

After a strong turnout last year, it only made sense to bring the march back.

“Last year’s event was super successful not only in terms of turnout, but in terms of the effects that it had on the community. It’s a very patriotic event, and almost everyone was in tears at the top of the hill when all of the participants came down with the flags,” said Willey. 

The community supporting those who serve 

Although the weather conditions weren’t ideal, the community still came out to march and show their support. 

“Naperville is a wonderful community and the support for our first responders and military is unprecedented. And just seeing everyone show up here today, even in the pouring rain to ruck, you know, in honor of someone they’ve lost, in honor of someone who’s currently serving or deployed. It’s a really emotional event,” said Willey.

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