Naperville Students’ 2019 Academic Performance

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Earning Exemplary

According to the 2019 Illinois Report Card, 12 of District 203’s schools earned an exemplary rating, with their performance among the top 10% in the state, while District 204 nearly doubled its number compared to last year.

“Last year the district had six schools placed in the exemplary category and that increased to 11,” said 204 Chief Academic Officer Kathy Pease.

SAT Rankings

Both districts were well above the state’s 36th percentile ranking on the SAT.

Sixty-three percent of District 204 students met or exceeded both the English Language Arts and Math standards. For District 203, 66% and 67% of students met or exceeded standards in those same academics, respectively.

“Our average SAT score corresponds to an ACT of about a 24 or 25. So if you remember from the past, or if you looked at old assessment data, this corresponds to about the 77th national percentile rank. So 50% of our student population is essentially in the top quartile. So I just want to pause for a second and recognize how remarkable this is,” said Dr. Patrick Nolten, the assistant superintendent for assessment and accountability.

Science Assessment

On the Illinois Science Assessment, 70% of 204 students met or exceeded standards, and 80% of District 203 students did the same. That’s compared to the state’s 49% proficiency in that test.

Per Pupil Spending

And new to this year’s report was a look at district’s spending, and how federal resources are used for their sites and students.

Expenditures per pupil in 203 are about $16,000 and for 204 are about $12,000.

The state separates per pupil spending by instructional and operational – each of which average $8,000 and $14,000 respectively.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.