Naperville Students Redesign 5th Avenue

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Back in January, District 203 architecture students met with city leaders to learn more about the 5th Avenue corridor, and then they set out to redesign it.

On April 27, eleven groups of students presented their completed plans for 5th Avenue to a panel of experts, with each group putting their unique take on the proposed space.

All of the designs included more parking and work areas, with many featuring shopping, dining and other recreational amenities.

After presentations, the judges were able to walk around and ask students questions about their designs. And while they will be graded on this for class, some of their plans could end up as a reality.

“The intention is basically to have the students as a think tank,” said Applied Technology Teacher at Naperville North High School, Rebecca Diorio. “It’s kind of a great way to have students in the community sharing their ideas with a possible engineering firm who might take this task on.”

The winning group was Villescape, comprised of three students from Naperville North, whose plans included a park and residential area.

Students were judged on their over plans, their presentations, models and displays.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.