Naperville Students Skype Across the Globe

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Seventh grade social science students at Jefferson Junior High got the chance to Skype with CNN reporter Will Ripley, who discussed his first-hand experiences reporting from North Korea.

Students were able to ask questions about what life is actually like in North Korea, something they recently studied in class.

The exchange came about after Ripley posted on social media from North Korea.

“I was following him on Instagram and I was commenting on some of his posts and then I sent him a direct message just thanking him for all this amazing footage that was fantastic for my kids to see,” said Chris Heffernan, a seventh grade social science teacher at Jefferson. “And then just as an off remark asked if it would be possible for him to Skype with the group of seventh graders and a couple hours later I got a response saying ‘sure let’s make it happen.’”

The roughly 30 minute conversation touched on everything from living conditions, to shopping to media censorship in North Korea.

Ripley was Skyping in from Tokyo, which is 14 hours ahead of Chicago.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.