Naperville teen arrested for breaking into vehicle, stealing keys from home

Mugshot of Conor Cichy, accused of breaking into vehicle, stealing keys from home
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A Naperville teenager has been arrested for a residential burglary, during which he allegedly broke into a vehicle, gained entry to the garage, and stole car keys from the home’s mudroom.

Conor S. Cichy, 19, has been charged with both residential burglary and burglary for the incident, which took place on May 28, according to a news release from the Naperville Police Department.

Suspect allegedly broke into vehicle, then mudroom

Authorities say they responded to a call from a home on the 2600 block of Blakely Lane around May 28. The residents had reported hearing noises downstairs, then found there was a key fob missing from the home’s mudroom, noticing the garage service door was partially open.

Police say that upon investigation, they discovered someone had broken into a vehicle in the driveway, and taken out the garage door opener which was inside. The offender then used it to open the garage. Once inside, the person then entered the home through the garage service door and took car keys from the nearby mudroom.

Burglary tools allegedly found on Cichy

Cichy was discovered walking near the area by responding officers. Authorities say he allegedly had “burglary tools and burglary proceeds on his person” at the time.

Photo courtesy: Naperville Police Department

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