Naperville to Launch Empower Utility Dashboard

December 13, 2019
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Starting December 16 at 10 a.m. Naperville electric customers will have a new tool to view their electric usage.

Empower Utility Dashboard

The Empower utility dashboard can show residential and commercial customers their electric usage in a variety of ways.

“Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly – whatever makes the most sense to them,” said Kate Schultz, communications specialist for the City of Naperville. “And then use that data to make decisions for their home, for their business, maybe change their energy usage patterns if they wish.”

The system operates on just a 24-hour delay, so customers can see near real-time data. They can also compare that energy consumption day to day, or see how their energy usage relates to temperature.

Security is a Priority

The tool was developed entirely in-house, which makes the data more secure, and customized to Naperville’s needs.

“Our electric utility has heard customers maybe looking for their data to meet a specific need. So the utility is able to develop a product like this to actually meet those customer specifications,” said Schultz.

Though customers can’t pay their bills on the Empower page, a link will take them directly to a page where they can.

Once the site launches, residents can direct questions or support to the city’s Help Center webpage.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.