Naperville Weather Heading Into The New Year

Picture from Adobe Stock, and WKBN 27. Picture shows melting ice
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Residents can expect warmer temperatures and rainy Naperville weather this week and into 2023.

After wind chills reached between -20 and -30 degrees last week, residents can expect a dramatic temperature increase heading into the new year. This Thursday, temperatures will feel about 80 degrees warmer than last week.

Warm Weather Is Coming

Naperville will see a steady rise in temperatures from today, Tuesday, December 27 to Thursday, December 29. Today’s high is just 25 degrees, but warmer temperatures are coming.

Wednesday will see conditions climb up to 42 degrees, with a low of only 37. While on Thursday, the city has a high of 52, and that will lead us into a showery weekend and start to 2023.

Expect Rainy Naperville Weather To Start 2023

Friday, December 30, will cool off a little bit, dropping back down to 41. New years eve is where the rain begins, starting in the afternoon and lasting with scattered showers supposedly until Tuesday, January 3, 2023. 

As of now, The Weather Channel says that we won’t have temperatures drop below 20 degrees during the first ten days of 2023. The conditions around Naperville will be in the 30s and high 20s, with a couple of days reaching 40 degrees.

These forecasts could change, but after a freezing Christmas weekend, Naperville residents should be ready for a warm start to the new year.

Naperville News 17’s Joe Kennedy reports.

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