Naperville’s 2019 Ribfest Presents Food Trucks

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Naperville’s 2019 Ribfest has begun. And there’s some new food you can sink your teeth into.

Food truck options are parked on the north side of the concert grounds. The Exchange Club of Naperville wanted to add a little more diversity for their last nights at Knoch.

“Ribs are the hero right, it’s Ribfest after all,” said Brew Avenue Founder Alessandro Vazquez. “We’re just providing some kind of additional options. You may get ribs one day, but day two or three you might want to try, I don’t know a burrito, a pizza, maybe some Jamaican jerk chicken tacos you never know. Try different foods, that’s part of the fun.”

Naperville’s 2019 Ribfest Switches Things Up

This will be the first time ever food trucks are at the event which has them excited.

“So my wife is actually a life long resident [of Naperville], she grew up in Hobson West right here so she’s been coming for 20 years,” said Bill Bricks owner Ric Gruber. “We’ve recently moved in Buntingwood. So we’ve been coming here and doing this for a long time, so it’s exciting to actually to be apart of Ribfest because they opened it up to food trucks and not just ribs.”

“It’s an awesome setup. It’s perfect. Very grateful for the Naperville and all the people involved to have us out here this year,” said Justin Brooks from Perkin Pickles. I think it’s a nice option that will continue through the course of the entire event.”

A fifth truck, My Funnel, will be at Ribfest on July 6.

Full List of Food Options at Ribfest

But it is called Ribfest after all – and if that’s what you’ve come for, there’s no shortage, with 11 ribbers this year, ready to show off their grilling skills.

The event also has vegetarian and vegan options.

So Ribfest has it all barbecue, vegetarian options, and even tacos. The event has something for everyone’s appetite.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.