Naperville’s Alive Center Needs Help to Expand

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The Alive Center in Naperville is looking to expand, but needs help.

The teen center has the opportunity to rent out the 3,200 square foot space next door to their location on 5th Avenue, but they need to secure a $100,000 donation in the next few weeks to make this expansion a reality.

“This would be a miracle,” said Caitlin Holzer, a teen lead at the Alive Center. “I’ve been working with the Alive Center for about two years now and just to be able to see this place grow even more from where it’s been from the very beginning would be incredible because we can see the impact this place already had on the community and to be able to grow that even further would be amazing.”

This new space would provide quiet areas for studying, a tech lab for Alive’s STEM and science initiatives and a media room for the Alive Media Group or AMG.

“The AMG already provides a lot of students to come and create something they’re passionate about, this new space would further encourage those same students and even new students to come around, create something which would make an impact on the community around them,” said Rajeev Sokhey, another teen lead at the Alive Center.

Donors who give a significant gift get naming rights for some of the new spaces.

Since opening in April of 2015, the Alive Center has added programs and drop-in hours for nearly every day of the week, welcoming hundreds of local teens each month.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.