Naperville’s Brand Innovation Quest

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Business innovators and leaders recently gathered to share their branding secrets with the community.

It was all part of Living the Brand Institute’s “Brand Innovation Quest”- a full-day event held at Wentz Concert Hall that set out to help transform the way local companies do business.

Speakers and panelists included Tim McEnery, the CEO of Cooper’s Hawk and local businessman, Jason Ebel, the co-founder of Two Brothers Brewery.

Each discussed the way they learned to build cultures that excel and lead companies through values and purpose, a key to succeeding in today’s markets.

“Millennials, especially today, care about that more than ever, maybe because what they’ve lived through, the turmoil and unrest we see in our world. And they almost demand that there’s purpose and values defined upfront and the company does adhere to them,” said Patty Lindstrom, President of Creative Logic and Founder of Living the Brand Institute.

Other speakers featured at the event included Harry Gottlieb of Jellyvision and Pam Buchanan, a managing partner with NASDAQ.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.