Naperville’s Census Complete Count Committee

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Kickstarting the Census Process

Naperville residents won’t start filling out the 2020 U.S. Census until next spring, but before then, more than 50 local agencies and organizations met to discuss how to make sure everyone is counted.

“People don’t realize those numbers that we gather from you all really do trickle down here to Naperville,” said Theresa Le, a partnership specialist for the U.S. Census Bureau. “It impacts voting districts, school districts – lines are being constantly redrawn and that’s based off of population.”

Creating a Committee

The 2020 Census Naperville – Complete Count Committee meeting brought those groups together with the U.S. Census Bureau. They spoke about how to engage, educate, and encourage residents to participate in the census next year.

“Because we can get the messaging out there, that one unified voice. But we’ve got to make sure that people take that next leap, that next step to actually fill out the form,” added Le.

Loss in Funds from Undercounted

Approximately $675 billion in federal funding is distributed based on population counts – any person not counted results in money lost from the state, county, and municipal levels.

“So if we are missing people from a census cut we will get less than the share that we deserve,” explained City Manager Doug Krieger. “Now what kind of numbers are we talking about? For this year the per capita tax distribution amount to $160 per person.”

“The state of Illinois loses about $1,800 for every person who’s undercounted,” said Congressman Bill Foster.

Participating in the Census

People will be able to respond to the 2020 U.S. Census via phone, mail, and for the first time, online.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.