Naperville’s Reindeer Road Light Show Features “World’s Largest Reindeer”

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The inaugural Reindeer Road drive-thru Christmas light show kicked off yesterday at Naperville’s Highpoint Church, with what event organizers say is the world’s largest reindeer towering over the event.

“World’s Largest Reindeer”

“We did research literally all over the world,” Reindeer Events president and Naperville Park District commissioner Rich Janor said.  “We looked at Finland, we looked at other countries, looked at hashtags, did a lot of research. And we haven’t been able to find anything of the scale and size of this reindeer, so we hope the kids and families really like it.”

Standing at 40 feet tall and topped with a glowing nose just like Rudolph’s, it’s sure to bring holiday cheer to anyone who comes by.

Holiday Attractions

But the reindeer is far from the only attraction, with a dazzling light display synced to music for guests to enjoy.  Drivers tune in to 88.5 FM on arrival and watch the colors dance to holiday classics.

Guests can buy souvenir winter hats and light necklaces before the ride begins, with part of the proceeds going to the Alive Center and KidsMatter charities.  And there’s free hot chocolate and candy canes while supplies last.

Santa and Rudolph even jump in on the action some nights to greet drivers as they pass by.

Reindeer Road First Year

Reindeer Road was created through a collaboration between Janor and local light specialist Matt Baker, who is known for creating the Manchester Lights holiday show in his neighborhood at just 12 years old.

“Last year during the pandemic, in the evening we would drive around, my family, we would drive around and look at Christmas lights in residential neighborhoods and everything like that,” Janor said.  “And we visited Manchester Lights and saw what Matt was doing there.  And Matt was looking for a reason to get it out of the neighborhood, where it became really congested.  And so Matt and I were able to team up and kinda put this together.”

Baker said the new location allows for big plans as the years go on.

“Doing a show at a commercial location is more sustainable in the long-run,” Baker said.  “So this is going to help us be here for a lot longer time.”

A match made to spread Christmas cheer.

Reindeer Road generally runs Wednesdays through Sundays in December, with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hours to be determined. Tickets are $10 per car, so carpooling is encouraged.  Dates and ticket information are available on the Reindeer Road website.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Flanagan reports.

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