Naperville’s Russell’s Dry Cleaners To Close

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A Naperville mainstay is closing its doors.

For 50 years, Russell’s Dry Cleaners has been a fixture at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Main Street. But owner Russell Breitweiser has decided to close up shop this summer, due to declining business.

Breitweiser took over the family business of dry cleaning in 1967, which is when he set up the Naperville store. At its height, the store had 23 employees – but now, has only six.

As Breitwieser owns the building, he is now considering tearing it down and replacing it with a more modern structure, which he would then hope to lease to a retail business.

Dry cleaning at Russell’s will shut down sometime toward the end of May, with a final closing date in June or early July.

Naperville News 17’s Kim Pirc reports.