Naperville’s Tasty New Business Sweet Mary’s Ice Cream

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Sweet Mary’s Ice Cream

“Hi I’m Mary Faye, I’m Mary Ellie Coleen, I’m Francis Mary Patricia, Hi I’m Molly Mary Claire, Hi I’m Mary Edith.”

The five sisters combine to make Sweet Mary’s Ice Cream. The tasty business began this summer, but the idea of it started last fall.

“My mom and I were talking and she was really frustrated that some of us who are under 16 couldn’t get job,” said Mary Faye, co-owner of Sweet Mary’s Ice Cream. “And it kind turned into a Sunday conversation to ‘What about Sweet Mary’s? This could work.’”

How’s Business Going?

It certainly has, the girls estimate they’ve sold nearly 6,000 ice cream products. They buy in bulk and resell for a sweet profit. And that’s no surprise because every one of them excels in their role.

“I’m usually take the role of interacting with customers. Franny is sort of our inventory girl, she made a whole spreadsheet she loves that stuff. Ellie was doing some runs for us, getting us some change and ice cream. And Molly really dialed in with the whole credit card thing,” said Mary Faye.

And the youngest Mary, seventh grader Edith, well she’s the sales expert.

What has Sweet Mary’s Meant To The Sisters?

The girl powered group has biked over 600 miles, selling everywhere from neighborhoods to school functions. Each peddle and ice cream sold has brought the five sisters closer together.

“A lot of them have different activities; they hand hang out with their friends and we bike around almost twice a day everyday during the week, so I see a lot of them going around,” said Edith Mary. “I’ve been a lot more interactive with my sisters because of Sweet Mary’s, so its been helpful.

With school starting back up the community will see less of Sweet Mary’s but every once-in-while you can still get your favorite ice cream.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.

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