Nationwide School Shooting, Bombing Threats Prompt Precautions at Naperville Schools

Naperville Schools
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Nationwide school shooting and bombing threats circulating on social media are prompting Naperville schools to take precautions.

What’s At Issue?

There are posts spreading on TikTok about the violent events supposedly planned to take place on Dec. 17.

Naperville School District 203 issued a letter to students and their families to acknowledge and spread awareness about the potential threats to school safety.

It reads, in part, that “all safety concerns regarding our schools and/or students are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly, as the safety of our students and staff are always our priority.”

Indian Prairie School District 204 also shared a letter with its students and their families about the threats.

It states, “Please know that District 204, along with our local police departments, will continue to monitor social media and act immediately should there be any cause for concern.”

The origin of the threatening social media post remains unknown, and it is not directed at any specific school.

Both districts intend to monitor local social media to verify any credibility to the threats.

Public Assistance Sought

Authorities are asking for the public’s cooperation in their investigation. They are discouraging people from spreading rumors and instructing people to turn to trusted sources, such as an adult, school administrator or police, to report information or concerns.

Both District 203 and 204 have tip lines to contact as well, should anyone have details to share.

Naperville News 17’s Megann Horstead reports.

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