Nature Connects: Art with Lego Bricks

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Over half a million bricks were connected one-by-one to build colorful creations made entirely of Legos.

And it’s bringing a whole new meaning to ‘connecting with nature’ at the Morton Arboretum.

About the Bricks

“So artist Sean Kenney is based in New York and he’s been making massive sculptures out of Legos for over 10 years. We actually had this exhibit a few years ago with the Morton Arboretum and it was enormously popular so we’ve brought it back,” explained Sarah Sargent, the manager of interpretation and exhibits at the arboretum.

“Nature Connects: Art with Lego Bricks” features 15 different displays, from high-flying spiders and bumblebees, to beautiful flowers and those experiencing nature themselves.

Building Connections

“So we’ve been talking about how an ecological system is a web of connection – oak trees to the soil to the worms to the ants – connections between people and nature,” added Sargent. “Connections in building blocks [like] the tiny cells that build up an enormous tree, the fact that we’re a part of this web of nature and these connections to one another.”

The pieces have been placed in the core areas of the arboretum, so the majority of guests can find their way to them.

Nature Connects is blooming now through September.

Brick Play Days

And you can check the arboretum website for when their daily Lego brick play days begin, for kids to create masterpieces of their own.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.