NEF Raises $100,000 Through Kid Booster Crisis Fund

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NEF Helps Families in a Financial Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has left many Naperville families without a job or working fewer hours.

District 203’s Naperville Education Foundation, or NEF, is stepping in to help students and families facing a financial crisis.

“They’re really struggling and a lot of them were already on free and reduced lunch,” said Wendy Goettsch, executive director of NEF. “These are families who were already sort of living paycheck to paycheck and now with this, it’s just a whole other ball game.”

Kid Booster Crisis Fund

The Kid Booster Crisis Fund was created to help those in need.

Through community donations from nearly 700 donors, they’ve raised $100,000 so far.

“Things like financial assistance with housing so that could be rent payments,” said Goettsch. “It’s meals to supplement what the district is already doing in partnership with Armark to provide these grab and go meals, which is breakfast and lunch. But we’re providing the dinners.”

Since March 16, they’ve supported 60 families by providing family dinners, assisting with housing bills, and supplying basic items like soap and diapers.

Goettsch said they couldn’t have done this without the district’s social workers who identify the families in need.

“For me they kind of feel like the Naperville 203 first responders because our families are reaching out to them to ask for help,” said Goettsch.

Community Help

The executive director said by the end of this coming week, $50,000 will have already been spent.

Since Governor J.B. Pritzker’s “Stay at Home” order has been extended through the end of the month, more community support is needed.

Goettsch said they cannot take food and clothing donations due to social distancing, so if you want to help you can donate funds on the NEF website.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.