Neil Patrick Harris Comes to Town

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Neil Patrick Harris recently made an appearance at an Anderson’s Bookshop event with a crowd of almost 700 people.

The award-winning actor, bestselling author, and magician, just released the first book in his new series for middle grade readers, “The Magic Misfits.”

The book isn’t about fantasy magic, but instead about kids who like tricks with cards and coins – illusions that magicians can pull off in real life.

At the event, Harris discussed his new book, did some Q&A, and of course, performed a magic trick.

“Seeing him on screen is funny, but seeing him in person is even funnier you can see how much funnier he can be just being himself and not having any lines to follow, it’s great,” said Hannah Lapidus, who’s favorite show with Harris is How I Met Your Mother.

A few lucky raffle winners even got the chance to meet him.

“We pretty much started talking about magic, I gave him my business card, and he signed my book,” said Anthony Stockton, a young magician who met Harris after the event. “We just started talking about magic and it was really nice.”

Tickets to the event came with pre-signed copies of “The Magic Misfits.”

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.