Neuqua Students Provide Free Online Peer Tutoring with KidsTeachKids+

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In the summer of 2020, a group of Neuqua Valley High School students launched KidsTeachKids+ – a free online tutoring service to help their peers with the challenges of remote learning.

“We have students that might be taking the same class as their tutor or maybe their tutor has already taken that class and they’re teaching the same material that they’ve learned or they are learning at the same time and we think that’s so much more valuable than having an outside tutor who hasn’t taken that class or learned the material in years,” said president of KidsTeachKids+, David He.

The organization currently serves middle school and high school District 204 students who want to either become a tutor or need some extra help with learning material.

Building a Community

The student-led not-for-profit hopes to not only support their peers, but also build a community.

“We thought it was incredibly valuable to normalize asking for help and getting students to see it as a habit to look to their peers and look to other people who they might see as a mentor to say, what is their process like, how do they learn material?” said Sofia Rosenberger, who is in charge of human resources.

Accounting, engineering, and English are some of the subjects they tutor.

The group said most of the students who begin with KidsTeachKids+ are dependent on their tutors, but later become more confident with their school work.

“Our sessions then become more of a check-in and that’s extremely rewarding because our students now prove to us that they’re understanding the concepts and they’re demonstrating by their own work and their own understanding and their own results on quizzes, tests, and other assignments that they’re understanding the material,” said James Rosenberger who is in charge of marketing.

Future Plans

The group hopes to provide the peer-to-peer tutoring service to other districts in the future.

“Being able to bring people who actually know the material, and know certain teachers – what they’re expecting you to know – I feel like it’s an amazing opportunity to actually be able to help our own peers, said Khalid Hamdan who is in charge of public relations.

District 204 tutors and students can sign up on

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.