Neuqua Valley’s Mental Health Program Moves Minds

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Neuqua Valley’s mental health program, Health Moves Minds, is helping students open up through physical exercise.

The Wildcats have teamed up with SHAPE America, to bring Health Moves Minds to the high school, which is the first in the United States to use the program.

What’s The Mission of The Program

It aims to help students deal with their mental and social health problems through P.E. and health classes.

“We’re trying to get students to talk to self-advocate if they’re feeling a certain way. Or to advocate for one another, if they see a friend or a loved one is acting a certain way,” said Department Chair of P.E and Drivers Ed., Bill Casey.

Parents also had the opportunity to learn more about the program. Neuqua Valley’s mental health coordinator provided tips on how they can start a conversation to check in on their kid’s mental health.

“Do something that they kind of like and then you can engage in that conversation. ‘Hey how was your day? How are things going? How are you feeling?’ More like open ended questions if you can, because that’s how you’re really going to get that conversation going,” said Mental Health Coordinator Casey Woodham.

During the week of October 21-25 students will engage in daily challenges, like kindness and advocacy days.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.