New Book Guides Graduates from Campus to Career

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Career & Networking Center’s Kim White co-authored a new book that’s all about helping graduates transition into their careers.

Behind the Book

Adulting Made Easy(Er): Navigating From Campus to Career is co-authored by Barbara Schultz, a human resources vice-president, and Gerald O’Connor, a financial advisor.

“It was a combination of both ‘where do you feel like you have your expertise, and what is really kind of sparks it for you and what you have an interest in,” said Schultz. “So the combination of those things really kind of drove who was going to write what.”

Guiding The Talk

The three combined their talents to write the paperback aimed at today’s youth and their parents. It acts as a guideline for helping them talk about career paths together.

“Know your kid and have the talk,” said White. “Make sure you know where it is your kid wants to land and help your kid to get to that point. And whether that’s college, trade school, or going straight into a work environment. Be supportive.”

The book also discusses interviewing, networking, and financing for young adults to keep in mind as they navigate post-high school life.

It’s now available for purchase on Amazon.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.