New Businesses Coming This Fall to Downtown Naperville

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New Sweet Shops

The weather is turning, and so are the doors to some new businesses coming this fall to Downtown Naperville. Joining recently opened Firecakes Donuts and Ben & Jerry’s, there will be two new sweet shops added to the mix.

JoJo’s Shake Bar is a really exciting addition. That’s going to be opening October [or] November and they’re on Jackson [Avenue],” said Katie Wood, executive director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance. “And that’s just going to be great. They’re going to have burgers and shakes and alcohol too. And just, people are wildly excited about that one to open up.”

Even if the weather is only going to grow colder, many will never say no to a frozen treat. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams will bring flavors like skillet cinnamon roll and wildberry lavender sometime in October or November to Main Street.

New Shopping Stores

Starting October 9, right across the street from Jeni’s will be Tinker Children’s Boutique, which will sell clothing, toys, and accessories. Right next door, Nike by Naperville is coming later this month.

“And that’s again, just one of the benefits of Downtown Naperville is that you get this blend. You get national stores like Nike by Naperville that’s going to be opening up, but you also have small boutiques like Tinker,” said Wood.

Front Street Cantina will be reopening in the next couple of months with a new beer garden in the back. In November, you can expect to see James & Sons Jewelers at Central Park Place on Washington Street.

Not in the downtown area, but close by is a new restaurant that’s now open – The Swine Cellar. The restaurant, located at 1264 Chicago Avenue, is a small batch BBQ establishment that serves in-house smoked ribs, salmon, and brisket.

Persevering During Pandemic

While the pandemic has been tough on many communities, including Naperville, the downtown area has continued to welcome new businesses.

“It feels incredible, it really does. And it’s so heartwarming to see that,” said Wood. “I think that Naperville offers so much to a potential new business. I think that has not gone unnoticed and so when a lot of businesses are looking to expand, Naperville tends to fall higher on their list.”

These new additions in the fall are joining around 300 existing businesses in Downtown Naperville.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.