New Businesses in Downtown Naperville

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New Businesses in Downtown Naperville

A couple of new businesses are in Downtown Naperville – a new restaurant recently opened its doors and a new café will open Valentine’s Day weekend.


The sound of food sizzling on the hearth greets you as you walk into Vasili’s on Water Street.

The new addition to Downtown Naperville is a Mediterranean restaurant with a Greek influence.

“We’re a brand new restaurant concept from the Francesca’s restaurant group. We have a couple of other restaurants here locally in Naperville – La Sorella on Jefferson and Fat Rosie’s,” said Kevin Roskoskey, general manager at Vasili’s. “So we’re excited to bring our Mediterranean and Greek vision to Naperville. Naperville’s always shown us a lot of appreciation and loyalty throughout the years and we wanted to bring this vision to them as well.”

Their custom-built hearth takes center stage, with meals like souvlaki and grilled calamari cooked over wood.

The dining establishment on 135 Water Street opened on December 22.

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea will also provide customers with a different experience.

The new shop in Downtown Naperville offers 40 globally-inspired beverages, all made with natural ingredients like dried jasmine flowers.

The husband and wife duo believe Naperville was the perfect place to open their new business, even during the pandemic.

“We as Sweetwaters are very much into the community focus, we want to grow together. So that aligns with the values that Naperville provides,” said Pranav Amin, owner of Sweetwaters. “Because of the community support that we get in Naperville, I’m bound to take that risk.”

Sweetwaters is located at 110 South Washington Street at Central Park Place.

They will open up the sweet shop on February 13, with a portion of their profit from opening day going toward Little Friends.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.