New Children’s Book “Mommy, Am I?” By Naperville Author

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“I started writing when I was six years old, and I started writing children’s books well before I ever thought about having kids,” said Atusa Freyer – Author of “Mommy, Am I?”

Born and raised Naperville native Atusa Freyer, has been writing her whole life, and recently she wrote and self-published her own children’s book “Mommy, Am I?”

“Mommy, Am I…”

The book is about a little boy named Theo, who sees similarities between himself and zoo animals, and asks the question: “Am I an animal too?”

“The idea of a little boy popped into my head, the idea of him walking throughout the zoo, and with every animal he was passing by he thought that he was turning in to one. He was drawing comparisons and spotting similarities between himself and the animals and so when he would pass by the lion’s cage he’d look down at his hands and think, ‘well, I have big hands, mommy am I a lion?” said Freyer

Freyer says the story was inspired by her daughter.

“My husband and I would look down at her and think she’s like so many different animals she resembles so many different qualities she’s like a monkey she’s climbing everywhere or she’s like a little lion and she’s hungry and ravenous or she’s like a little bear cub when she’s trying to speak it sounds like growls,” said Freyer.

A Self-Published Parent

The book has been in the works for months, and collaborations between writer and illustrator have been virtual, but Freyer’s perseverance towards her dream of publishing her own children’s book has made the journey worth it.

“Take a deep breath and just trust yourself and be proud of what you’ve created, but the validation that you need is within yourself, truly,” Freyer said.

The book “Mommy, Am I?” is set to debut in early 2021 for kids and parents to enjoy.

Freyer says she can’t wait to share the book with her own daughter.

“I think that she’ll act it out and I cannot wait to get it on video when she’s older.” said Freyer

Naperville News 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.


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