New Exhibits at the DuPage Children’s Museum

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The DuPage Children’s Museum has reimagined two of their exhibits for their youngest learners.

New Exhibits

The goal of Creativity Connections Young Explorers and Make it Move Young Explorers is to allow these youngsters to practice their physical, social, and emotional skills.

But it’s also about making the most important connection.

“Both of them are now much more thoughtful and intentional about deepening the connection between the children, the little ones two and under, and the important adults in their lives,” said President & CEO of DCM, Andrea Wiles.

Family Fun

Even though the exhibits were designed for infants and toddlers, their older siblings can enjoy them too.

Matching colors, learning about movement, and just taking a break at the twinkle tunnel are some of the activities in the new spaces.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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