New Fitness Studio: Zenergy Cycling

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Zenergy Cycling

There’s a new fitness studio in Naperville. Zenergy Cycling is a new addition to Naperville Crossings.

“We are a boutique-fitness brand and we do only cycling here,” said Katie Ford, studio manager and instructor at Zenergy Cycling. “So we have 45-minute rides called our Zen Ride, an hour-long ride called the Zen Survivor. Mostly it’s to the rhythm of the music and we use light hand weights to engage the entire body throughout the workout.”

The workouts also include choreography for riders to engage their core.

The Studio

Ford said what makes Zenergy different – mirrors and metrics aren’t used in the cycling classes. And their very own Zenwheel bike allows you to control the resistance the whole time.

The studio may be new to Naperville, but the company is already set up in West Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

“Once you’re in the studio we have a big wall that says ‘community’ and we’re all about our riders and making them feel like they’re a part of something,” said Ford. “So we’re most excited to build that here in Naperville.”

Zenergy welcomed fitness enthusiasts in for their grand opening today. To celebrate their new location, the cycling studio is offering free classes for the first week.

You can find registration information here.

Zenergy Cycling is located at 2835 Showplace Drive.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.