New Liquor Licenses Requested

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Craving dessert and a nightcap? A business looking to move to Naperville has you covered.

Von Lehman, a potential franchisee for Buzzed Bull Creamery presented the business model to the liquor commission.

The ice cream shop based in Ohio flash freezes ice cream with the option of adding alcohol to create a boozy treat.

“What we do is we make the ice cream right in front of you,” said Lehman, the potential franchisee. “There’s not even a freezer in the store. The ice cream is made in front of you from all fresh ingredients and then it’s flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen.”

One of the commission’s concerns involved the addition of alcohol to the menu’s coffee drinks.

“We’re concerned about coffee shops and having this happen in every single coffee shop in town,” said Blackman. “This is a product that’s infused.”

Blackman suggested outlawing the alcoholic coffee drinks under the proposed license.

Lehman said if he had to eliminate alcoholic coffee drinks from the menu to accommodate the new license, he would.

In the end, the commission voted 6-2 to have staff return with a new class of license for liquid nitrogen-infused alcoholic products.

Another new license could be coming as well. Rob Toner and Karen LaVere, requested a BYOB liquor license for their business Balboa’s Cheesesteak.

As such a license doesn’t currently exist within the city’s liquor code, the commission requested city staff to come back with a proposed draft.

Naperville used to offer a BYOB license, but it was phased out due to disinterest in the practice.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.