New Mural at Dog Patch Named to Century Walk

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A Naperville business turned a car accident into a beautiful piece of art. 

A New Opportunity

When a vehicle crashed into the side of Greg Gordon’s Dog Patch Pet and Feed store in May, a new opportunity presented itself.

“A gentleman came in, bought a bag of dogfood and then left and headed right back in and we thought maybe we had done something wrong with the register,” said Gordon. “And he asked if we had ever thought about putting a mural on the wall because that’s what he does.”

The wall quickly transformed from having a hole, to plain brown, and eventually into a completed mural of a cat and dog chasing a ball.

Representing Their Values

A flag behind the pets reads “Adopt” – a core value of the store, which has sold only rescue animals for the past nine years.

So far the feedback has been all “paws-itive” – the mural was recently accepted as the 51st piece of art included in Naperville’s Century Walk.

More to Come

And they’re not done yet. Gordon plans to add another mural to one of the walls inside the store, and potentially something on the west exterior wall as well.

But if you want to have a look at the mural, Gordon has some advice.

“Just come on and check it out, be careful on the highway out here on Ogden, occasionally someone slows down to take a look. Get in the parking lot, it’s a lot safer,” joked Gordon.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.