New Naperville Business Owners Aren’t Letting Pandemic Get in the Way

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New Naperville business owners aren’t letting the pandemic get in the way of their dreams.


In south Naperville, custom cake boutique, SweetNeecy’s, recently started welcoming customers in on October 3.

The cake artist and owner of the sweet shop has been baking for 20 years on the side, but never professionally.

When the opportunity came around, she and her husband decided to take a chance.

“It’s not easy to run a business period, especially right now,” said SweetNeecy’s owner, Denise Chambliss. “And it seems like when I have a long day and I get weary someone will come in and they’ll say how I’ve inspired them or they’ll share what they’re struggling with and I’m able to give them hope and I never thought that’s possible just over a cupcake or something like that. So that to me is confirmation that I’m doing the right thing.”

45 Degree Tea

Another business owner at Naperville Crossings also believes he took the right step.

45 Degree Tea will soon offer bubble tea, specialized items like a drink that’s a hybrid of a slushie and tea, and even ramen and rice bowls.

“This is a great neighborhood, a great area,” said 45 Degree Tea owner, Chunsum Choi. “I’ve been here for a while and I believe in what this place is going to bring for our business and for all the people that live around here.”

After some delays, the new restaurant plans to open in the middle of December.

Treasures Naperville

And in Downtown Naperville, a new gem has opened up shop.

Toy store, Treasures Naperville had its grand opening on November 21.

Owner Michael Kristula believes this is actually a good time for his business. Since most kids are learning online all day, he said they need puzzles and games after a full day of screen time.

The store is also a way for him to connect with people.

“I miss people, I do. I just love to do things that are fun and make people laugh,” said Kristula. “I’m still trying to do that now in these times and I feel like that’ll never be taken away from me.”

Right now Treasures Naperville is a pop up, but Kristula hopes the shop can become a permanent part of Downtown Naperville if things go well.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.