New ‘Naperville Together’ Art in Downtown Naperville

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Naperville Together

Now as you pass by the Naperville Township building, you’ll notice some big letters painted in its lot.

The newly-formed Art of Inclusion committee spent the day finishing up its inaugural piece – ‘Naperville Together.’

The artwork is meant to promote diversity, inclusion, and unity.

“If we’re just able to embrace each other and come together as just one human kind instead of trying to be all these different people and trying to find biases and let’s just dissolve all that,” said project manager, Sangeeta Pande. “Let’s put an end to this and start welcoming everybody who is in our community and make them feel like they belong.”

16 artists worked on the 18-letter project to form messages of unity, represent Black Lives Matter and the City of Naperville, and more.

“It is so important to have art that represents our community,” said Mayor Steve Chirico. It is a part of us, it’s a reflection of us and so to be inclusive is a great goal and something that’s very worthy.”

Brand Bobosky, president of the Naperville Century Walk, which includes the ‘Naperville Loves a Parade’ mural, stopped by to lend a painting hand.

And this morning kids were invited to make their own addition, placing their handprints in the letter ‘n.’

Idea Behind the Project

The idea behind this project was sparked by Tyler Marcus, a Downers Grove resident who started a petition back in June.

The online petition asked to add more diversity to one particular mural – ‘Naperville Loves a Parade’ in Downtown Naperville.

He appreciates that some in the community share his concern.

“It feels like the community truly does care,” said Marcus. “I mean I feel happy, I feel great with the success and how great it turned out to be.”

The Art of Inclusion committee has more projects in the works.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.